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TweenTeen Program

So many of us struggled to do our book reports or civil war history oral presentations, because we did not possess the professional skills in order to succeed. What better skill could our preteens and teenagers learn at the 14 – 18 years of age level than how to effectively, convincingly, and confidently research, prepare and execute a speech. This program encourages students to dig deeper into their experiences, and learn to research, and to take the craft of public speaking to a higher level using pathos, ethos, and logos.

 This program empowers the students by:

Research – Our kids can zip around social media, and the search engines probably better than we can. However, can they research a topic, and search for all of the key facts and information – applying the principles of logic, evidence, and careful reasoning to their analysis? Our program will teach those who need to hone this skill, or teach those students who need to learn how to research.

Analytical Analysis – So now what? You have searched and found a number of interesting facts, clever anecdotes and you ask yourself – where do I start? We work with your child to thoughtfully think about the topic, how to intelligently arrange the points and how to effectible share his/her viewpoint.

Engagement – We will continue learning the skill of keeping your audience engaged – perhaps even intrigued – making them think and wonder what incredible information will be said next.

"The right word may be effective,
but no word was ever as effective
as a rightly timed pause."

By Mark Twain