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EMPOWER your child with confidence through public speaking.

Thank you Power Speakers team for the confidence and exposure you have given to Naira for speaking in public without any hesitation... The best part is that kids don't have to carry any paper or pen but they come back with lots of new vocabulary.

I am very pleased with the change in my kids since they joined Power Speakers programs. Both my kids, Devishi and Atharv have been recognised for their initiative and enthusiasm to present in the classroom. Their hands are always up when asked “who will present?”. They appear very confident and a remarkable improvement is seen in their body language,pitch, being loud and clear and to some extent voice modulation also. Thank you Jasmine for doing such a great job! 

Since my son, Vihaan has joined Power Speakers, he improved a lot in his speech. The vocabulary is more extensive than he ever used. Apart from the language, I feel he comes across much more confident. I heard him in one of the presentation in his school, and I must say that I was quite impressed. Thanks a lot Jasmine for all your hard work!

My son Lakshya’s progress has been really commendable ever since he joined Power Speakers. He seems to be more comfortable and fluent when conversing in English. He enjoys the classes and looks forward to attending them. Thank you Jasmine for enriching his vocabulary in an interesting way. You really are a dedicated teacher.