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PrimeKids Program

Those children that continue with the program or those children 8 to 10 years just starting the program will begin with development and delivery of speech at this stage. We will teach the entire speech map – piece by piece to your child, honing your child’s skills through different planned activities.

During this program, we will focus on three central ideas in creating an audience captivating, persuasive, speech. Your child will learn how to:

  • Grab and Keep the Audience’s Attention – We will focus on keeping the captivating the audience from the beginning the speech until the last word.

  • Persuasive Skills – Standing in front of an classroom filled with children, or adults – we want to be able to persuade the audience effectively so they will believe what we are saying, and keep their interest.

  • Master the technique of using power words, questions and pauses to enhance the quality of speech

"Speak clearly, if you speak at all
Carve every word befor you let it fall"

By Oliver Wendell Holmes