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About Power Speakers

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Fifteen years ago, Power Speakers was inspired by the firm belief that each child is unique, has something to say, and wants to be heard. That confidence led us to design an innovative public speaking “speech tool kit” that equips each child to become a confident public speaker and produce outstanding results. Our creative, age-appropriate programs help your child develop and apply their public speaking skill set. Every opportunity to practice brings your child one step closer to excellence. 


Our Programs

EMPOWER your child with confidence through public speaking.

KinderPrime Program

Program for children ages 5 to 7

Start your children young in a speech class, and watch their imagination take flight. Creative dramatization, story building, and public speaking are just some of the activities woven into this program for children ages 5 to 7.

Primekids Program

Program for children ages 8 to 13

Those children who continue with the program or are just starting the program will begin with development and delivery of speech at this stage. We will teach the entire speech map ...

Tween Teen Program

Program for students 14 to 18

This program encourages students to dig deeper into their experiences and take the craft of public speaking to a higher level using pathos, ethos, logos. This program empowers the students by:

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