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Q. Q. What age groups do you teach? 

A.  What age groups do you teach? A. We teach students from Kindergarten through High School. 

Q. Tell us something about your company? 

A.  Power Speakers is based out of New Jersey, USA. It was started by Taruna Ramani who has been in the field of teaching for over 15 years. She did her Masters in Education from California State University and took New Jersey Teaching Credential which is equivalent to a B.Ed after which she started the company. 

Q.  What is your company’s philosophy?

A.  We believe that Public Speaking is as important if not more important than any other extracurricular activity for a child. We are not just teaching a child how to deliver a speech, we are helping a child build confidence that is going to stay for a life time. Here we are  working on your child’s personality. We STRONGLY believe that the earlier you get a child enrolled, there is a lesser chance of the child getting inhibited by fear of public speaking.

Q. Who trains your teachers? 

A. ALL our teachers have been trained by the Director of Power Speakers LLC, USA who herself has a teaching experience of 15+ years. 

Q.  What opportunities do you give our child? 

A.  Your child is NOT a passive learner with Power Speakers. Your child is getting an opportunity to speak in front of peers every single time in class. When we teach your child a Public Speaking Tool, we encourage your child to use that tool in the speeches in our classroom. That’s is the first step towards shedding inhibitions. We do assessments after every module and the students are awarded certificates once they clear the level. Other than that, we hold yearly competition for our students where we invite a panel of judges to evaluate our students. 

Q. How long are your programs?

A. We run our programs year round. We follow the school calendar. 

Q. How will parents know if the child is progressing well? 

A. We send your child’s videos home on a regular basis. We are more than happy to discuss the child’s performance once a quarter with you. 

Q. How do you divide the students into groups?

A.  We divide them by grades. The various groups are:
K-2 grade
3-5 grade
6-8 grade
9-12 grade