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About Power Speakers

Fifteen years ago, Power Speakers was inspired by the firm belief that each child is unique, has something to say, and wants to be heard. That confidence led us to design an innovative public speaking “speech tool kit” that equips each child to become a confident public speaker and produce outstanding results. Our creative, age-appropriate programs help your child develop and apply their public speaking skill set. Every opportunity to practice brings your child one step closer to excellence. 

Our story is one of success. Through our programs, our students thrive, overcome challenges and fears of public speaking, and pave their own road to achievement. They have gone on to give spectacular presentations on various public speaking platforms.

The sooner your child is exposed to public speaking, the better. Give them the opportunity to experience accomplishment and build a foundation of confidence. Power Speakers strongly believes in the potential every child has to become a motivated and motivating communicator and leader.